Artesanos Méndez is a familiar Company sited in Cañada Rosal (Sevilla). The great results gotten in the production of bread and the grow prestige up gained for our products, pushed our developed and our progress from just a local bakery to a highlighted company of the bakery sector and the industrial confectionary. Nowadays, the production facilities are 5.500 sqm, with a total area of 25.000 sqm for future developments.

Managed for Mendez brothers, the company doesn´t stop to grew up in the last years. The human team have been consolidated with new professionals with a high skilled, who are contribute with dynamism and innovation.

Artesanos Méndez - Productos


While respecting to the tradition and the careful production of our products we have evolved to become a innovate and modern company. Our aim has been keep the authentic of the recipes, using the best raw materials and ingredients, with special attention in the nutritional values.

Artesanos Mendez offer a wide range of dry bakery (“picos”, crackers, olive oil specialties, several seeds references, multiple flavors…) and we are specialized in whipped dough products in our confectionary range (mini cakes, cakes, muffins…) with a wide range of formats and presentations as for the regional market as for the foreign. Our versatility boost the continue developing of new references. And the quality is our banner.